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5/16/2014 - Fluvia Poyatos - Grischuk, Oropesa 1998

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    BryanCFB wrote:
    Pilotjohn wrote:

    I don't get this puzzle... Can somebody tell me why pond didn't take Q on d4 on the 2nd move -or why Q traded for a K instead of R?

    Basically, if the queen takes the rook there will be nothing left to take the knight, whereas when the queen takes the knight the bishop will be able to take the rook.

    Alrigty! So it's about learning to prioritise! Laughing If you miss the right sequence, you miss the next big thing, ok!

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    Misreading the title: Flying Potatoes?

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    revisit 25.01.15 Solved

    After all the simplifications, White should be winning. Wondering though if 2...PxQ would have been better for Black?


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