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5/18/2012 - Mate in 4

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    better than many queen sacrifice puzzles...

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    missed it,just woke up

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    Almost had that in one but who else chose 4.Rh6 ?  So annoying.

    Good puzzle for once.     Smile

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    ClavierCavalier wrote:

    I can't help but wonder if black had a better 1st move.

    I have the same thought.. why black moved bishop?

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    super mama ready 12234Undecided

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    WHAT ABOUT 1.G3-H3+ 2. G2-G3X  !

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    walidwd wrote:

    what about Bc2 at the frist move to force the black bishop to move or kill it ?!! plz someone answer me plz !!!

    That´s the same question I have!

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    Now I see it! Can´t play Bc2 because the black pawn will go to e4

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    ClavierCavalier wrote:

    I can't help but wonder if black had a better 1st move.

    1.Bd1 Rdg8   2.Rgh3+ Bxh3   3.g3++

    so i'ts the best move to play the bishop.

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    Rh6 also mate

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    ...Doesn't 4. Rh6# work also?

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    I didn't get the first move, but then I didn't understand black's response either.  I hope someone can show me a forced mate in four after
    1. ... Rh8

    There are a lot of variations - mostly wins for white, but black seems to be able to prevent mate in four.

    Thanks, Shoopi, for showing me:
    1... Rh8 2. Rh3+ Bxh3 3. g3#

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    Fun to solve.

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    Nice Cry Easy Kiss

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    A lot of people were confused a bit about white's/black's first move.

    1. Bd1 takes away a critical flight square from the black king, namely h5, and has a mate threat. Here's an example of what happens if black plays a different move:

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    nice puzzle

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    This puzzle is really hard (I'm 13 years old BTW)!

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    For those asking why 1...Bg6 or why not 1.Bc2 ?, this diagram may help:-

    {Lost the first one of these & I think 'shoopi' has beaten me to it but here it is anyway}



    { If you're not familiar with these diagrams, just click on the first move of an alternative sequence (the part within the (1.Bc2.. ) ) and you can then step through the moves using the buttons. }

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