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5/2/2012 - Mate in 4

  • #61
    ChristopherRB wrote:

    on the 4th and final move for white, Qh6 is also a mate.

    How can you possibly say that?  Black can interpose a Rook or a Bishop.

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    Cool Always wondering about this firstpage boasting. If you have got nothing else to do and wait and do it right away, just to become "famous"....

    But the puzzle was nice, but got it immediately, so it seemed very easy.Wink

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    very nice

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    Tongue out

  • #66

    These puzzles are always too simple because they always involve putting the opponent in check, so there isn't much to think about really.

  • #67

    very easy. got it without missing one

  • #68

    No mess-ups!!!!

  • #69

    Nice.  Cool

  • #70

    nice 4 tody

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    Easy to solve if you first investigate all check opportunities and choose the best one.

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    Good puzzle; good day.

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    Not as easy as I thought it was going to be but I got it.  In a game I probably miss it and go for a material advantage after forking the queen and kind.

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    Good one.

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    good work....

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    interesting puzzle with nice combo

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    !dennip saw pohsib eht was I litnu tsrif ta drah os dekool eno tahT !woW


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