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5/22/2012 - Mate in 6

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    Very good puzzle.

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    The smothered mate pretty easy..:)

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    I remember the first time i did this puzzle i was so impressed with it i fell off my dinosaur

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    eddysallin wrote:
    forcifer wrote:

    Can someone tell me why this puzzle is mate in 6? When I looked at it I saw this variation. Looks like black can last 7 moves.

    a new line is r.blocks at e file,qxr+, kh8(f8 ,q mates atf7) kh8,n.+f7,kg8,nxq +,kh8,n+,kg8,n.h file +,kh8,qg8+,rxq, n. mate

    To eddysallin and forcifer:

    If White is making the best possible moves, none of the alternatives Black has allows him to survive past White's sixth move:

    Puzzle's line:  1 Qc4+ Qd5  2 Qxd5+ Kh8  3 Nf7+ Kg8  4 Nh6++ Kh8  5 Qg8+ Rxg8  6 Nf7# (Mate in six)

    Alternate line 1:  1 Qc4+ Qd5  2 Qxd5+ Re6  3 Qxe6+ Kh8  4 Nf7+ Kg8  5 Nd8+ Kh8  6 Qe8# (Mate in six, no queen sac)

    Alternate line 2:  1 Qc4+ Kh8  2 Nf7+ Kg8  3 Nh6++ Kh8  4 Qg8+ Rxg8  5 Nf7# (Mate in five)

    Alternate line 3:  1 Qc4+ Re6?  2 Qxe6+ Kh8  3 Nf7+ Kg8  4 Nxd8+ Kh8  5 Qe8# (Mate in five, no queen sac)

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    I always like this kind of checkmate when the king is there look like a prisoner and you win with a knight!

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    I love smother mates!!!  SO PRETTY!!!

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    nice puzzle

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    smotherd mate.....waiting to get one of those in play!  fun puzzle, Q sacrifices seem common with these daily puzzles though

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    A work of art.Please be relevant, helpful & nice!

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    easy. at first i thought it was a king + queen fork, but it was mate

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    Why not 3. Qg8 Rxg8 4. Nf7#

    Am I missing something?

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    Nice mate...

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    couldnt get it rite

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    most genius mate ever

    White trolled black

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    why can't you intitially block white queen with rook? this doesn't necessarily lead to a mate... although you would lose your queen eventually.

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    It's still a mate in 6 no matter what. You just have to analyze it.

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    is,nt there a more direct mate 3,...Qg8+ 4,Rg8.Nf7 ++?

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    Very interesting! This one makes you think. Nice M6!


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