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5/23/2011 - Team Participation

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    ReasonableDoubt wrote:

    It's sad to see that the first comment ON A CHESS PUZZLE is religious garbage.  I'm fairly sure that if a comment promoting atheism were first (which it wouldn't be, as atheists would have the common sense to not bring politics/religion into a chess puzzle) that it would be deleted after heavy backlash.  Instead, the first comment is a biblical verse that has no relevance to the puzzle and is considered appropriate and not spam.

    I so agree with this even though i believe in a religion i think you shouldn't preech/oppose your views on others and especially when it isn't relevant!

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    very easy

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    very good

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    Not much thought required.

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    Don't know what faial2000 in post #190 is trying to demonstrate above but I think the solution is meant to be mate in three as follows:-

    As for his second diagram ..... ?

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