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5/28/2011 - N.Kralin, Prize Magadan 1999

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    _M8 wrote:

    This puzzle is one of the best I've seen.




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    the best ever puzzle...

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    try apxp instead of pd7.......thus  one great puzzle. .....maybe the best ever !

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    scinikhil wrote:

    what happend if i promote queen for first pawn??

     you can't ! the chess point is u must under-permote......

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    very good puzzle

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    very good

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    ShockeR_40 wrote:

    question - why not 6...h4 ? there is no moves to make for black, isnt it a stalemate ?

    Then comes 7. Rb6

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    scinikhil wrote:

    what happend if i promote queen for first pawn??

    Then it is a stalemate.

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    a hell move

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    This is indeed a great puzzle. Take a look - how the chess engine Houdini 1.5 played this puzzle. Though not exact solution but appreciable programming by the engine designer Robert Houdart. Vows to the puzzle creator and to the Houdini creator.

    The engine's solution with its mainline given in brackets after each move -

    1. Kf2 f4        2. d7 fxg3+    3. Kg1  g4       4. d8=R Kxh4      5. Rg8 Kh3

    6. Rg6 Kh4     7. Rg7  Kh3    8. Rb7  Kh4     9. Rxa7  Kh3      10. Rh7 h4  {Black

    resigns Mate in 13/36} *

    I wanted to display it through graphic Chess Board as some other members have been doing on this forum - but I dont know to do it. Somebody may please do it for benefit of others.

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    Great puzzle.

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    NOT EZ! Let's see more like this that are not chump-change mates-in-2

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    This is crazy ! Black doesn't want to win ,so he finds an outrageous way to lose.With 2 pawn promotions for white ...His best piece was still ... the Black King ! Great Stuff !!!

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    If I got a single move right in this, it was pure luck/chance.  (going back, I guess that is not quite true.  There are some moves, such as the last couple of King moves, that were pretty much forced, or at least obvious) And analyzing it, figuring all (or even any) of the "what if?s" (what if at any given point black had selected a different move from his available, admittadly limited, list of options?), would be completely beyond me - and probably beyond many a GM. 

    Did the creator of this have them figured out?  I would love to see some of them.

    I do think most good players (I can't include myself in that category) would have seen this after black's last h-pawn move (completely boxing-in his king), but even then, it was a big challenge to recognize that the rook sacrifice and underpromotion to knight would work.  At least at that point white didn't have to analyze multiple possible moves by his opponent.

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    surely there is another way


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