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5/3/2012 - Mate in 6

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    Double YAWN!!!

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    It's like: Yo King! Come here!... Go there!... Do as I command!

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    6 moves but easy

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    Very good puzzle.

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    6 moves is a lot, but this is easy. Foot in mouth

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    Nice. All forced moves!

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    In my local newspaper, there are always very interesting mates in just 2 or 3 moves. And they are beautiful and not that easy to see.

    Would love it to see them here, too.

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    koningknotwilg wrote:

    I agree with Lonewolfwinter. The only thing you prove by typing the word "easy" here is that you are capable of typing the word easy. knock it off.

    ja idd. 't begint irritant te worden.

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    very cool

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    Easier than I expected with a title "Mate in Six."  Thanks.

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    Excellent manuevering.

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    the title is a dead-give-away: the only way to reach it is through forcing moves...

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    very good puzzleSmile

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    qBart wrote:

    Why do all the Daily Puzzle links on the website lead to the forums instead of this thread?

    It's because the staff have messed up the links to the first page (again!).

    Better puzzle than recent ones. Missed the third move for a moment-shouldn't have since they all need to be checks but sacrificing the rook didn't seem right at first look.

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    won't show up in a real game situation,but a good chess motiff and requires thinking out a position..... 

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    good one..

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    I solved this puzzle. 

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    a good one

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    Mighty fine.

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