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5/4/2012 - Mate in 5

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    nice :)

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    nice one.

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    in my eyes the best puzzle so far :)

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    realy cool!

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    nice one

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    Nice finish to a nice problem.

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    Berry nice

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    I have first seen this position in Anthony Saidy's book "The World of Chess". This is a chess problem found in one old Arabian book from 8th or 9th century, I am not sure. Very nice indeed.

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    Wilderboard wrote:

    Check the king no matter what,thats the only thing a noobie should know

    And the first thing you should learn not to do if you ever hope not to be a noobie. See if the check leads anywhere by all means, but don't check just because you can.

    This finish reminded me of a famous game between Clemenz and Eisenschmidt - you can Google it. (But they played quite a few, so it will take time.)

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    darn,missed a move.Awesome mate

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    I've seen it before

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    Wow, Rook sacrifice forces black knight to fill up his king's only escape square.

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    Beautiful! Especially final position! Smile

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    Why always all of your puzzles include heavy metal sacrifice?

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    Nice,  Doulbe knights can have so much power. 

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    double good knight

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    Knight One

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    i like this nice puzzle

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