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5/4/2012 - Mate in 5

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    Nice & I like it.

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    this puzzle was so beautiful and elegant

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    a unique pattern mate with 2 knights

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    Second, nice puzzle

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    easy as pie Wink

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    That is pretty even as a picture.

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    I cannot immagine such a parttern before!! but I doubt, if I can find it in the practical chess game.

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    I agree - brilliant pattern 

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    4 Horsies playing together :P

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    nice one!

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    Interesting... but really it's not about how someone planned that... but how the game could have gotten to that position in the first place.  I just want to look back 1 move.  What was black's last move?  First off, if black were not in check the last move, he could have checkmated white no matter what.  Look at the knights and the pawn... if any of them were moved from their current position by one move, black can checkmate with Rg1#.  The rooks (if you examine them as well) could also delive mate in 1 in all positions except if there was a rook on b2 (which is mate in 2 after Ra2+ followed by Rg1#).  Now consider the king: he must have been in check to prevent black from delivering mate with the rooks.  Only 2 locations are possible: h7 or g7.  Being checked at either location, he could move to g6 and white doesn't have a decisive attack.  

    After all that: black clearly blundered on his last move to allow white this awesome attack.

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    Nicely unique.Please be relevant, helpful & nice!

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    great idea

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    Gotta put horses in a box... clean.

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    You have solved this problem!
    5. Ne6#
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    fine !

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