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5/5/2012 - Kapanadze-Zaralev 1977 (names and colors reversed)

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    very good

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    Very good one

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    Hi! Pies'n'Guys In Blue Skies. Nice! Fairly Easy, Though. Got ADD, No Attention, Just Right Ahead. Fairy Easy To Solve Tale For Any Brownie, Once I Was One True Light-Bearer, One Youthful Boy. Thanks, chess.comSmile "Þegar Lífið Verður Að Skyldu Hættir Það Að Bera Ávöxt." When One's Life Becomes Duty One's Life Ceases Fruiting'. Chao!

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    Awesome sequence. I think I remember it from a chess mentor excersice though.

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    Hard for me but I solved it...

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    unexpected, again...

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    This problem was mind-boggling!

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    Wow! This was so much like Saturday's Puzzle, that this time it was easy.

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    I dont get it

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    Hi! Pies'n'Guys In Blue Skies.CoolFairly Easy Puzzle Today.Smile Nice For A Brownie.Laughing The Light-Bearer Easeland Once Was.Wink Don't Torment The Living Light. Always Delight. Be Ever Fortune  Chao!

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    I still got it in 5-10 seconds, but at least it wasn't a silly one move mate.

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    why is it this puzzle on the 6th?

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    wah it's the same as yesterday

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    Yesterday I solved exactly this puzzleFrown!


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