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5/5/2013 - Mate in 2

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    very easy

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    if the pawn in the center then it would be a draw!!!!!!!

    looks like black was daydreaming about promoting the pawn!!!

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    got it

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    Okay. It's been 33 hours since this puzzle was posted and for this whole time, I've been trying to work out the solution. I finally figured it out. I got it.

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    Facepalm! Thanks Vadkilis. 

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    What if Black played 1. .... a3 instead of 1. ... Bb3

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    If black moves the pawn, it kills the two move mate. how can that be missed?

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    Who reads this? This is not a two move mate.

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    pablo1954 wrote:

    If black moves the pawn, it kills the two move mate. how can that be missed?

    black is going down the board, not up

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    hey the pawn cannot move backwards!

    check it for yourself.

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    I made the same mistake.

    The pawn is on the 7th rank.  ;-)

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    bishoppawn3 wrote:

    This position could only be reached by a blunder in play by Black. Black's king should never be trapped as depicted and other than a blunder by Black, White could never have forced such a position.

    Definitively wrong! Can't you imagine that White could have checked Black's king into this corner a1 and sacrificed a rook or a queen on a2 which only the pawn on b3 could have taken? Wink

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    Webkinzlover (post #126): Sorry, pawn break through is correct but 1 rank lower it would have been won for White. Here it's unfortunately lost (with the underpromotion into a rook).
    Simply with 6...g1=Q  Black can play ...Qa7 or ...Qb6 on a rook check! Surprised

    With the correct promotion 6 f8=Q g1=Q 7 Qxh6+ Qb6 8 Qxh5 it's at least a draw. Wink
    That's why the Black pawns should be on the 7th rank and the White pawns on the 5th rank! 

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