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5/8/2012 - Mate in 3

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    not bad when i know what to look for

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    nice combination

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    got it,have a good day everyone!

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    Easy. One shot.

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    Tongue out easy

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    Straightforward ! Nice !

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    right away

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    Check the calendar.  What day of the week is it?Cool

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    CheckersBeatsChess wrote:

    wow this problem needs viagra. . .

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    Please be relevant, helpful & nice!

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    Chase the king around!

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    andrenyc wrote:

    It couldn't be easier. 

    Yes it could. Check out Sunday....

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    Straight forward but it woke up my brain.

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    Really cool.

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    I love puzzles.It is so fun to work with.They might be easy or hard but they show how much tactical shots you have in a certain situation.Even Grandmasters do not find the best move, but that is besides the point.Although, easy puzzles are easy you might miss it in your actual game.Thinking about it puzzles are a great ways of thinking which place on the board should look at.Think of it like this, if you have a heavy attack on the king and your opponent decides to try and make a run for it.You are not going to defend two piece attack on your own king.Goooooooooooood point, on of the games I played I got into a similar position as the puzzle one day.It was amazing to see it worked.

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    nice an easy


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