5/9/2012 - Mate in 2

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    Englund Gambit Complex (Englund Gambit) chess trap http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mN9chuyvuI

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    Cool :) !

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    no brain required...

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    Deflect the bishop so king can't escape.

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    rockqwerty wrote:

    chess.com y u no give harder puzzles!?

    Always wondered why myself.. since most other chess sites offer much tougher ones or at least give you a choice of easy or hard. I guess it could be either...


    1- Because a lot of beginners say 'nice' or 'great puzzle' to them (even to mate in one puzzles) Tongue out.

    2- The puzzle staff are low ranked players who are wowed by queen sacrifices or dont appreciate tougher challenges or more subtle moves.

    3- To ensure you dont waste your time at work by thinking too hard, puzzles are designed to be as obvious as possible and 'solved' in 3 secs.

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    good one..!

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    nice but easy

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    we need harder problems

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    for i am not a beginner

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    I'm not first,but i'm the best..

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    Black bishop was overloaded - covering the diagonal (especially h8) AND providing an escape square at g8 for his king.  The initial Rh8+ deflected the bishop from his second function.

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    can we get an upvote downvote system on comments?

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    nice and easy

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