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5/9/2012 - Mate in 2

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    nice and easy mate

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    stephen_33 wrote:
    DKathleen wrote:

    Why couldn't I just move my rook, on d1, to d4? The queen would have to move (or be taken) and you could move your queen to f7 for checkmate. 

    Because black can move the queen to g8 which messes up white's mate in the immediate term.  Alternatively, black can place the white king in check (at c1) at least three times (four if you include the bishop) - it is supposed to be mate-in-two !

    You could still manage to checkmate at that point if you move the other rook up, (considering the queen did move to g8) but if you were aiming for the checkmate in 2 then yes, that may not be the perfect move. Thank you for your kind and thoughtful answer. 

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    Great one.Please be relevant, helpful & nice!

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    Deltaquad wrote:

    Mate in two


    Would Rook to space below white knight work?

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    I'm a begginer but I did it in only two tries... still fun! Cool

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    I got a feeling that I've done this puzzle before. Still, nice(not for black).

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    Pretty simple and obvious

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    Tricky. The first move was just a deflection so that White could control g8.

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    rarchinio wrote:


    you are wrong.

    if you want to know who is, ask me by posting it in the commentsFrown

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    this one was easy

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    I wonder if anyone realises they aren't the first person to say it's easy.

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    Deltaquad nice puzzle!  Took me a while to think of the solution.  Keep em coming.  =)

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    good one

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    nice, think it was kinda easy though.

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