6/16/2018 - K.Begley, StrateGems 2002


Thanks to Timo (sing_hu) for his analysis.  Oddly, the solution at Yet Another Chess Problem Database (YACPDB) does not even consider 1...g2+ for Black's apparently natural first move in response to 1.Ne4!.  Click here for the database solution.

Peter (Rocky64), you probably know of additional Problem databases that you could check.


@fightingbob That's an interesting find with the intended main line given in the database (I couldn't find the study elsewhere either). So it looks like that once again the Daily Puzzle didn't use the main variation as the solution. It couldn't be an accident that both variations finish with a WN fork of the BR, so the secondary line used is part of the main idea of the study and it's indeed odd that the database omitted it.