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6/12/2014 - Mate in 4

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    MSC157 wrote:

    I know why chess.com didn't post the puzzle. Because I was busy at 9pm CET :D

    Cool   ha ha ha ! - let the party begin, MSC has entered the forum.

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    last page

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    Way too easy!!!

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    1. Qxh7+ This move is a sacrifice which brings the king to an open file 'h'. The only reply is 'Kxh7.

    2. Rh4+ This move retreats the king to the spot. However, he can block with his bishop. The reply is 'Bh6.'

    3. Rxh6 Continue to check the king until he goes to the corner or back file. Only answer is 'Kg7'

    4. Rh8# Checkmate! White wins by a QUEEN sacrifice

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    White to win in 6 moves!
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    This is a puzzle from the Grandmaster Reti, white can win in six moves! :)

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    there was a mate in 2 moves. Do you see it? A bit easier.

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    Am I the only one that has mate in 2?

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    bishop to h8 then q to g7 would be mate in two.

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