6/16/2012 - Mate in 4

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    Very clever!  Illustrates the power of a perfectly placed bishop!

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    that was fun. f-u-n. wooo!

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    pleasant use of the pinned pawn tactic.

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    good pazzle (jaleb bood)

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    Fun and simple. Nice puzzle!

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    Very good puzzle.

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    6th page!

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    nice puzzle..

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    Not verry difficult, but still lots of fun.

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    I did not find it easy. Was not sure of the first moves because I couldn't envision the end until i got there. Had to work through it and it was worth the effort.  Oh, and I'm on the prestigious 6th page. 

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    Nice.....subtle....got it on the first try.

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    Nice - took some time to see the trick.
    Black waiting to mate at the other end !!

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    yea diz 1 iz gud cuz even if da horse killz da rook it wud still b a checkmate ...

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    It was a very nice and easy puzzle.

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    dufferps wrote:

    This is one I would never get in a game.  Only knowing that there is a checkmate in the offing for Black will let me find this sequence for White - particularly the key rook sacrifice which puts the Black King at h8, behind the pinned pawn.

    Then again .... in a game I would be desparate enough to try any attack, since I can find no defense against the threatened ... Qg2#.  It is clear that my only defense is an offense - meaning every move must check the Black King.  The first move is a pretty easy choice.  I can check with 1.Qd8+ or with 1.Re8+.  I like my Queen's position, and my Rook is doing nothing vital (given that the immediate threat is ...Qg2#, and ...Qe1# is superfluous).  So my "last ditch" effort would be 1.Re8+ (and I pray that Black defends by interposing his Knight, allowing me to move 2.Qxg7#).

    But no, Black escapes, 2. ... Kh7.  NOW, I must find a way to check the Black King (staving off ...Qg2#), and my choices are a Queen sacrifice and a Rook sacrifice.  Experience with chess.com puzzles tells me that a Queen sacrifice is the way to go, but in a game I would normally prefer sacrificing a Rook to sacrificing my Queen ---- and, Hey,
    2. Rh8+  Kxh8  puts Black's King at h8, - still vulnerable to a check by my Queen, and now 3.Qh6+ is not a Queen sacrifice; the Black King is no longer on an adjacent square to capture my Queen, and my Bishop has the g7 pawn PINNED, and unable to capture my Queen.  How fortunate!
    Black King escapes to g8, but now I have an easy checkmate -- 4.Qxg7#.

    And all because I was forced, by Black's imminent ...Qg2#, to check Black's King on every move.

    Very well explained.

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