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6/21/2012 - Let the Pieces Flow

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    black king has no escape ways and queen also blocked...

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     5...K c7   6.R b7  Kc8   7.Q c6/a8 #(1-0)now chack mate

    2. a5xb6?! Qxf2+ 3. Kh1 Rc1  5.b6xa7+ Kxa7 6.Qb7# keesh maat in persianCool

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    crazypigg wrote:

    I can't see why a5 to b6 isn't a better 2nd move. ?

    It still mates, but it takes longer.

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    thought it would of been mate but..... it was kewl

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    I wonder why this puzzle doesn't go through with the checkmate. After all...

    5. ...Kc7

    6. Rb7+ Kc8

    7. Qc6#

    A fairly simple continuation like that could've as well been included in the puzzle. Oh well, perhaps someone just made a mistake somewhere and uploaded it a bit early or something. Still, fancy puzzle.

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    It doesn't go through the end, because there are 2 possible continuations to mate the black king (Rb7 and Qb7). The puzzle always only allows 1 move.

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    When in trouble eat & check till you mate ;]

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    5. ... Kc7

    6. Rb7+ Kc8

    7. Qa8#

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    An OK puzzle.

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    King can move to C7

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    just shoot for stars:)

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    king can move to c7. not checkmate!

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    nCool prTongue outblem!!!

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    Fun, but somewhat strange chess puzzle. The solution isn't checkmate because the black King could have moved to c7, but that isn't that odd because the puzzle's title isn't something like "Mate in ...". Anyway, nice change of pace with a puzzle such as this! It DID take me a few tries, though... Wink

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    Nice and very Easy:)

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