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7/18/2016 - Usachy - Golyak, Cheljabinsk, 1959

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    darlochessenthusiast wrote:
    dufferps wrote:

    Once again, I am concerned about the continuation. Black cannot defend against 3.Qh8#, so he must respond with a check.  The continuation I expect is

    2. ... Qe4+, 3.Kf1  Qxe5, 4.Qxe5  (black has traded his queen (and a very imporetant pawn) for a bishop and a knight. - big advantage for white, but the immediate checkmate threat is ended,)

    Time for white to castle, bringing both rooks into action and black to move his queenside knight and bishop to activate his second rook.

    Dear Dufferps, This is quite right, and so I didn't even know whether the knight would be played, and I do not know what would have happened if the black king had moved to H8? I wonder if this has been analysed by anyone?

    (Your last paragraph is wrong though. Maybe you have forgotten or you do not know that you cannot castle after the king has moved at all, so that's a disadvantage for white isn't it. But white's capturing of the black queen for only 2 minor pieces still puts him in a very good position. Regards, David

    If 1...Kh8 then 2. Qxf8#.

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