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7/12/2012 - Mikanovic-Moisan Plante, Canada 2001

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    The 8th page. I'll go ahead and anonymously post how easy this was so that other anonymous posters can anonymously admire me as I bask in anonymous glory and boost my anonymous ego.

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    Good problem - make sure to use that bish!Cool

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    Tricky, but the principle of it was simple. I think its very important to know how you sacriface a piece to get another important piece on the game. The first move was the key of this endgame.

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    I overlooked the first move.  I got the rest of the moves afterwards though easily.

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    haaa...so diffuclet ...problem.Surprised

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    easy mustaches

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    the puzzle is a repeated one

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    nice  one

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    eddysallin wrote:
    pabloml wrote:

    this problem is stupid.

    after 2.Bh6 black is not forced to take the bishop (2...Bxh6) in fact the black bishop in g7 is defended by the king and the rook

    is there something that I have missed?   YES, MATE!    qh8 ....

    ahhh right the black bishop cant take in h8 sorry =)

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    so so!

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    so eazy

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    Thanks for the problem!  Quite interesting!

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    nice one..

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    hmmmmmmmmmTongue Out

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    very likable

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    Too easy!!!

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    I love these disadvantage mates


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