7/29/2013 - Mate in 3 Back to Back

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    whats wrong with knight to C7 Check

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    I'm still stupid....

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    1.Nc7+ Qxc7 2.Bxf7+ Kd8, and white has lost two pieces.

    I think.

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    so mush easy

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    It took me 4 secs

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    Hard, i donts see this...

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    demasiado fail

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    My guess is 1.Bd2. It is a subtle move with a fantastic Strategy to surprise The Enemy. Never be shy to be subtle and soundless because if The Opponent doesnt notice you then you Control his fate. But my Point is for sure, that I want to Control The Dark Squares especially b4, so Thats why my Bishop is Piling on it. Soon there are Moves to Follow and Soon there is Mate to Follow too.

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    But this is only mate in two!!!

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    nice n easy

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    حال کردید

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    Surprised ایرانی ها همیشه عالی هستند

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    that was mate in two, not three

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    It seems that all those who were so super "happy" to be able to say they were first page and all didn't notice it was mate in two.... not three. Hahahaha.

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