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7/6/2012 - King In The Middle

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    very easy 

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    I believe that if white starts out with 1. Re7+, he can still force mate in about seven moves - more if black throws in some easily countered interpositions along the way.

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    What is wrong with rook c3 threatening Knight f2 mate, because the f2 square cant be covered? dosnt that mate as well only interupted by some crazy black sacrifices?

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    cnat believe that I got it the first time.

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    Nice one

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    nice puzzleTongue outFoot in mouthInnocent

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    nice puzzle

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    nice puzzle!

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    Vera nice!

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    A very nice puzzle.

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    Good one.

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    Very nice puzzle.

    I went for something different:

    1. Re7 Ne6

    2. Rxe6+ Kf5

    3. Re5+ Kg4

    4. Nf2+ Kg3

    5. Bd6 Nf4

    6. Rg5+ Rxg5

    7. Bxf4#

    It's a 7 steps mate, but I don't lost any pawns. 

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    Rc3 followed by Nf2 looks like a more efficient mate.  The only thing Black can do is delay inevitable mate by sacrificing both rooks via Rxg2+, Kxg2 followed by Rg8+, Kh2.  Somebody kick me if I need more caffiene this morning.

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    Without errors :) ! Cool :) ! :) !

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    ChaosTheory1 wrote:

    Rc3 followed by Nf2 looks like a more efficient mate. 

    Yeah, but efficiency is only to force the king on one path, the checkmate. 

    Btw, your solution is also nice, because the rook kill the pawn with a lot of despair, so the pawn still have a good death. No matter what the king can do after the Kg8 check, black has no other choice that to lose.

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    Pawns are very useful, they have to be preserved in every game.

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