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8/13/2011 - Mate in 5

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    AaronSolt- look at the 2nd post 2nd solution. 4...d4 and it's a mate in 6.

    I'm pretty sure they would only give a checkmate puzzle that has one solution with the least amount of moves. All they have to do is computer check it.

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    Level 2400 puzzle at least...

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    AaronSolt wrote:

    I hate puzzles like this. I come up with a great idea beginning with a knight fork, and it just say, "sorry, incorrect". Oh yeah? Then play against my move and see how incorrect it is. Checkmate forced in 5 moves.


    In your line if 2...h5 then 3. Rf7 a1Q (or a1B) 4. Qxa1 Bb2, white no longer has 5. Rf8 checkmate due to 5...Kh7 so 2...h5 holds on an extra move for black.  Also if 2...h5 3. Rf8+ Kh7 4. Qe4+ Kh6, and there is no mate on the next move as opposed to 2...h6 3. Rf8+ Kh7 4. Qe4+ g6 5. Qe7 checkmate as pointed out by Goldname in post #156.

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    I thought that was very intersting the way the Knight was used to block the check.

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    My sentiments exactly IncrediBill!  I never got beyond that knight fork as the first move.Wink

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    very niceCool

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    i'd have gone for the knight fork. just too tempting

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    Interesting puzzle, however, the position offers no motivation to win in 5 moves. White could just as easily win in a hundred other ways.

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    IncrediBill wrote:

    How can we not resist the Knight Fork as a first move? 


    Of course, Black would play d5 instead of h6, so it would be Mate in 6 instead of 5, but still, the Fork is just too tempting to look for anything else. 


    The alternative would be to resist the Rook capture, but it would still end up as a Mate in 6. 



     Great alternatives especially having the pawn waiting to upgrade. Chess.com should put alternates in the solutions. Thanxs 4 the input.

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    Best 5 move checkmate ive seen xD

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    i dont agree to move the queen to c4 after knight fork because now the black rook can move to e8 and move the h pawn to h6 and king to h7 that will buy him extra moves.

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    i hate this kind of puzzle. because you are going to win like no mater what.

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    aprilmoon wrote:

    If black did take the queen it would be mate in 2.

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    Totally Agree! Knight fork was too obvious to not go for it. But I do appreciate the alternatives. Mate was unavoidable. Alternative is more impressive.  


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