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8/15/2008 - Protecting the Escape Route

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    aw man, that would drive the opponent nuts knowing he has checkmate RIGHT THERE and he can't do it! lol that's amusing!

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    nice one.....

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    wow great puzzle, i had to peak to get te solution. nice1!

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    Find this puzzle good. Finally something challenging.

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    AquaMan wrote:

    I played it against Rybka demo.  Mate in 22.  Easy! ;)



    Aha, that's why I didn't get it. :P


    Very deep line.

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    Great !

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    Good one, didn't solve it though.

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    I could see that the Black Queen was ready to mate on the backrow so knew White had to keep the King in check. That was fairly easy to see. How to actually work it out ....well, that was beyond my ability today. Very hard to work out with so much going on, was this an actual game or a made up one?

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    This is a good puzzle and I got on second attempt!

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    There is a line with the f pawn promotion to Knight as well. take a bit longer but is indeed beautiful:

    1. Rxf6+ gxf6 2. Nd8+ Rxd8 3. cxd8=N+!? Qxd8 4. f8=N+!? Qxf8 5. Bxd5# *

    Some of the moves are not forced but it's still mate in all lines according to Fritz

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    AquaMan wrote:

    I played it against Rybka demo.  Mate in 22.  Easy! ;)



     Instead of 21. Qa5+ why not Qag6#, Qgg6#, Q3xg4# or Q7xg4#

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    crazy problem

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    Beyond me...loved the Rybka solution!...great puzzle.

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    Nice and hard!

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    Excellent puzzle! Took some thought & a few wrong moves but eventually figured it out. These are the types of puzzles that I feel make one a better chess player! It's difficult trying to think so many moves in advance.

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    I liked it

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    tough one this morning........


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