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8/19/2011 - Mate in 8

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    sunil_goyal13 wrote:

    Can any body Explain why in the First move Black did not Exchange Bishope with Rook ( R H6). despite of moving King

    Black only need one move Q on and if R x h6 than it would not be posible force move.

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    1.Bxh6+! Rxh6 2.Qf6+!! Nxf6 3.exf6+ Kh7 4.Ng5+ Kg8 5.Rd8+ Rxd8 6.Rxd8#

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    not reading previous posts gives me chance to annlyze puzzle myself,i may make mistakes in my annalogy,but the idea is not to find out from someone else,s post.maybe i should but i am trying to improve my game through experience,not from finding out from someone else,thats why i try to solve puzzle,put in my two cents,then find out by reading all previous posts where my annalogy was correct or incorrect,it may be bothersome to some people,by being repatitious but it works out best for me,experience is the best teacher,so if i seem like my annalogy was allready addressed,i apologize,and thanks to all of you that take the time to answer people when they are incorrect,your thoughts are deeply appreciated

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    [Comment Deleted]

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    KarimReghay wrote:
    Terricotta wrote:

    can someone please explain why after 1. Bxh6+, the rook doesn't just take the bishop? 


    To be honest, I had to use an engine to find the explanation.  But as you can see, taking with the rook results in a quicker mating sequence that is completely forced.

    Thanks for this Explanation. 

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    [Comment Deleted]

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    Interesting puzzle..... So much trading

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    I tried this position out after rook takes bishop and same result ... checkmate. It took me about 9 seconds to check mate chessmaster with this position so it is not really that good of a move as you can see.

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    Masti chess

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    very nice pattern.

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    self directing

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    a very good and very nice puzzle . thanks for your good puzzles

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    fun exercise!

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    Good one!

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    only 3 moves enough to checkmate.

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    on move 6, why doesnt black king take the bishop?

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    adamshin5 wrote:

    on move 6, why doesnt black king take the bishop?

    Checkmate. Black is trying to survive as long as he can, so he needed to block with his queen.

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    This one was amazing!! Thanx!


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