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8/20/2011 - Long Distance

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    Today is a good day.

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    Couldn't make sense of this one, think I'll take up backgammon............

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    E-Kuko wrote:

    Reti 1928 - White to play and win. Replay the puzzle after solving it to see some explanations.I posted this yesterday, but something was wrong with the link for the Daily Puzzle, so just few people saw it.


     That's a superb puzzle! Thanks for reposting :)

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    Force Black Too Give Up Peices, So Pin Too Win!

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    The point of Be1 is that black has a tactic on all other squares so white will not win a piece.  The idea is to simply move the knight, and after white plays BxQ(b7), black plays RxR(c1)+, regaining the material as the white queen on h1 falls next move.


    With the bishop on e1, Rxc1 is not check, so white has time to save the queen.  With the weak dark squares around the black king, white has a significant material advantage.

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    hard indeed

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    Dragonbice wrote:

    There's no way left to defend the knight on c6. I'm not sure if the bishop has to go to e1 specifically though.

     It does. Otherwise 1. ...    Nd4    2. Bxb7    Rxc1+    3. Kg2    Rxh1

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    nice one kinda tricky

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    how does Be1 help

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    Very good puzzle, thanx for sharing...

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    not bad

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    still hard

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    nice smile

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    I don't think these chess pzzles are very logical.

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    Is 2...Nc6 the best move for black?  The rook is going to get taken either way, and the knight just ends up getting stuck there in the end.  Seems like black could have done something else there like move the queen.


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