8/6/2010 - Wotawa, 1916

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    it was very easy

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    Hey, could someone please give me instructuions as to how to write and post an article. I'm new at Chess.com, though not at chess.

    Thank you very much,


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    Unusually simple for a Friday.

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    crag9 wrote:

    sorry. will not be a win for black.

    Not a draw, either.  A knight/bishop checkmate is a pain, but it's possible.

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    Funny for you!

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    Nice one

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    Really nice puzzle, some interesting tactics!

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    I don't understand how the problem is solved? What's even the problem?

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    exceptional puzzle! Losing 9 points to gain 9 points!!

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    Briaronfire wrote:

    This guy just lied ^^

     What guy?

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    crag9 wrote:hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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    good puzzle

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    Awesome :D

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    whoever calls Nf3!! a wasted move doesn't understand. it prevents black rook from going back to the 8th rank to stop the pawn

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    This is brilliant.  It took me a minute, because I thought I would advance the pawn and use the bishops to force check.  I got it wrong, and I figured planning to advance the pawn was the best move.  Nice work on White's part.

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