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8/8/2010 - Cleaning Up From Behind

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    Nice easy puzzle with a useful lesson in it. Note to lower-rated players: a Rook down with no play for it is an automatic loss between players who know what they're doing. You don't prove the puzzle busted by saying "Black blunders by taking the Queen"; White has a winning material advantage if he doesn't.

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    EnterTheDragon wrote:

    Chess puzzles should have recommended ratings like board games have recommend ages. This is a good puzzle for 1000 - 1300 probably.

    I like what you're saying but i'm rated 1239 and I found it easy. What about 800-1000 maybe?

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    A nice easy puzzle for Sunday. Thank you.

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    straight forward, I solved it in 20 seconds without any hesistations but in "real life" the rook would be taken but not the queen that led to mate

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    a part of cake.

    like taking a pawn from a chess player.

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    nice thinking dailypuzzle

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    I forgot it was Sunday until I did this puzzle :)

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     A good illustration of a classic theme.

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     I Think It Is Too Easy A Five Year Old Would Not Have Taken The Queen That Black Rook Cool

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    Money mouth

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    PrawnEatsPrawn wrote:

    Phew! a chess puzzle!

     you should see yesterday's puzzle

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    very nice ...

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    123rd! Like a boss

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    easy tx

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    woodshover wrote:
    CapsLock01 wrote:

    too easy puzzle

     Note to all who always say "easy" when they see an easy daily puzzle at the first of the week: Yes it was easy. We don't need to be told. They start out easy, then get harder as the week goes on.



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