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9/19/2017 - Power Pawn Play

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    a little bit harder

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    Very interesting combination.

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    Got it first try!

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    After Daily Puzzle told me that 1.b5 was incorrect, seeing the correct sequence to solved was very easy.

    Black is now in the sad position of having to move his king back, allowing me to advance my king to hopefully escorrt my b-pawn to the 8th rank.  That may be trivial, but I still wish it had contnued to that point.

  • #106

    why doesn't black take the f4 pawn?

  • #107

    Just moving each pawn 1 square, and 1 pawn 2 squares????

  • #108

    another stupid puzzle of a board that would NEVER happen!

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    Nice puzzle...

  • #110

    Wow!!!!!!  THAT was a lot of fun!!!!


    Am I right?

  • #111
    Parker2099 wrote:

    why doesn't black take the f4 pawn?

    Because White will play f3 - halting the f-file.

  • #112

    totally don't understand this puzzle.

  • #113

    I had to use a computer engine to figure out what's wrong with just playing 1.b5 first with the same intention of blocking the f, g, and h files, because it seems that after 1...f5 2.Kb4 g4 3.fxg4, no matter what black does those pawn will never get through, and white's king can dance between a4 and b4 as long as needed until black has no move but to retreat the black king.  What I missed was 1.b5 h4! and now the 2...f5 and 3...g4 push is unstoppable.

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    Or I could have just looked at Clavius' post.

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    for dimond

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    black = screwed


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