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9/21/2017 - At All Costs

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    I got all the moves right without any mistakes, I'm getting good at this.

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    nice puzzle!

    the hardest one when Qh6



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    Ya, at first I was making all the moves around Qxh6, then Ithought once the pawn takes Queen, the rook into the corner was mate, but the King had a square to flee to with a couple more moves

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    The last time I seen some one cheat like that , im watchen. Keeping track when I threatned the rook moving to threatn the knight. I saw that.. Bs

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             Now that was a lot of fun!!!!!

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    there seem to be a lot of cheating going on.

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    fretron295 wrote:

    there seem to be a lot of cheating going on.

    Perhaps, but why would you post that on a 24 day old daily puzzle thread?

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     At All Costs

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    what happed ?


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    first time on that site usually play three 


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    play again some time yeah


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