9/11/2012 - Mate in 2

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    Not difficult but a nice puzzle.

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    very,very instrutive!!

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    chicken feed!

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    eazy as a pie LOL

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    Very easy, 10 seconds and done, it's relaxing after doing the tricky trainer puzzles.

    Shall I say 6th page?  No one cares morons on the 1st page, get a life.

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    Nice puzzle!

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    last page, too busy working!

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    damn easy..

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    Nice and easy puzzle.

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    nothing to say :)

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    willmac12 wrote:

    What dumb yankee made up todays puzzle?. Typical yankee puzzle today.Why not let one of the worlds smartest races-'the Scots' do the puzzle for a change!!! Yea 'the Scots'-just like Andy who won at flushing meadows yesterday.  So hand the puzzles over to us superior scottish people and youll be sitting on your arses all day trying to work it out.   tut!tut!.

    Cool You are an idiot, a racist and a disgrace to the British people.

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    very easy puzzle

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    Sure smells like Sunday to me.

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    It was easy but when I started Chess I used to get bishop moves confused with rook moves so then it would not have been easy. It would have been an amazing accomplishment

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    too easy Tongue Out

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