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9/13/2012 - Blitzkrieg

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    Laughing nice

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    The Queen Sacrifice revealed a Discovery!  Thanks for the lesson!

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    Very easy. Still fun, this is quite a nice one. But please!!! More Hard Ones!!!

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    I have solved this puzzle.

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    good one. just some tactics

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    Yay, I solved it! :D These puzzles are neat

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    kencooper wrote:

    why wouldnt h7 capture the rook to get out of check instead of moving the king??

    Because it's double-check ! (by the rook & the bishop on b3)

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    SweetSoulSound wrote:

    What about 1. Re7?  As far as I can tell, no matter what Black's reply is, the next move is Qxg8++.  What am I missing?

    Good question - had to think about that one but moving the bishop from f8 seems to solve it:-

    1. Re7 Bxe7 2. Rxe7 Nxe7  3. (?)

    Then there's no way of mating.

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    Help...I did not get it!

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    sorry...I'v just seen the discovered check with the bishop. so no taking at h7!

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    Interesting puzzle...

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