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9/14/2012 - Sutovsky v Smirin, 2002

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    Good puzzle. Wish there were more of them :)

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    Nice problem!

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    nice one

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    i did it in 30secs. :D

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    Very good,it makes you think.

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    Does anybody know where I can get pgn for the full game that this puzzle is taken from?

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    Figured out a 6-move puzzle with no mistakes. A definite first!

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    Nice puzzle.

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    how about mate in 2 instead, rook to h7

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    Nice puzzle.  Solved it on first attempt.

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    uhrair wrote:

    how about mate in 2 instead, rook to h7

    That would be fabulous.  How do you do it?

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    dufferps wrote:

    I wonder if Sutovsky saw it all the way to the end when he did the Qxh7+.

    I saw the next couple of moves, and knew that this was a puzzle where queen-sac is often the key to success, so I did it. But doing that in a game is a very different challenge.  I would have to visualize all six moves just looking at the board.

    It would certainly be very risky to sac the queen if you did not see it led to checkmate.

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    nice one, but kinda obvious... too many moves though:)

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    Sloooow deathmarch :)

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