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9/15/2011 - Mate in 9

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    freshbacon & lycanwerewolf PROO

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    I was surprised I got the first 3 moves correct.

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    Too easy for Thursday

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    Clever puzzle.

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    You have to start off with your Knight in order to free a path up for your Bishop.  If you start off with your Rook, then you pretty much come to a dead end.  Black has an option to capture your Knight with his pawn, but that willl only lead to a Mate in 3.  After that, all of the moves are forced and Black's fate is sealed.


    The following is a copy of Post #155 on Page 8 by @elindauer:

    I take decisions in these puzzles exactly the way I play OTB.  My goal is to find the best move with the least amount of calculation.  In this case, I solved the puzzle in 3 steps:


    phase 1: calculating forcing lines

    - check material, see that white is winning.

    - start calculating forcing lines.  My first glance was Rd7+ Kb8 Rxg7.  I evaluate this as winning for white but not resignable yet.  This becomes my main line.

    - consider other forcing checks / captures.  I happened to look at Nb5+ next.  First I tried Nb5+ cxb5 Rd7+.  The king has a couple choices, I tried Kb8 Be5+ Ka8 and ran into a wall.  I evaluate this as worse then my main line and discard it.  I note that letting the king get to a8 kills my attack, and try Nb5+ cxb5 Be5+ Kc6.  I look for forcing continuations, and see Rc3+, Bd7+ ... oh, Bd7+ Kc5 Bd6#... is mate!  ok.  So Nb5 cxb5 wins for white.


    Now I looked at Nb5+ Kb8 Bd4+ Ka8 Nc7+ Kg8.  I can see that Ne6+ here wins the exchange, and I already evaluate this as better than my main line.  So I cut off my calculation and call this my main line.


    Return to calculating forcing lines in the original position... Nd5+ cxd5 ... wait, no, Nd5+ Kb8 transposes to the main line and this is black's option.  No need to calculate Nd5+ cxd5 since black will only play this if it worse for me then my main line.  Ignore.


    So I am ready to move.  I go to the puzzle and play Nb5+ Kb8 Be5+ Ka8 Nc7+.


    Phase 2: where to put the knight.

    - from phase 1 I already have a main line: Ne6+ Ka8 Nxc8.  I extend a little farther and see Rxc8 Bxg7 picking up another pawn too.  I evaluate this as totally winning for white.  In time trouble I would play this instantly.  With a few minutes to spare, I calculate the alternatives:

    - Na6+ Ka8 and I see nothing better then just Nc7+ repeating moves.  Discard.

    - Ne8+... aha this allows Rd8... Ka8 Rd8+ Bc8 Rxc8+ Kb7.  I can't stop calculating just yet since the knight is pinned.  However I see that Rc7+ followed by Ne6 will save the knight.  Since I prefer to win the bishop then to win the exchange, and I can see that there is still some life in this line left to calculate, I evaluate this as better then Ne6+ and continue...

    - Rd8+ Rxd8... Ne6+... nothing really coming to mind here.  I am ready to move.

    So I go to the puzzle and play Ne8+ Ka8 Rd8+ Bc8 Rxc8+ Kb7.


    Phase 3: calculating the win.

    Same song, different verse.  I know that I have Rc7+ and just save the knight, with a winning 3 minor pieces vs a rook endgame.  I calculate a few more forcing lines to see if there is a mate:

    - Nd6+ is nice, only 1 answer... Ka6... Bf1+ b5... Bxb5+ cxb5 Rc6+ Ka5... seems promising but I'm not quite seeing the knockout.  I put this under "consider again later" and return to other ideas

    - Rb8+ Ka6 Bc8+ Kb5 I have h5+, f5+... oh wait, I see that Rb8+ Ka6 Nc7+ only allows Ka5... now Bc3+... is mate!  ok I'm ready to play.


    Rb8+ Ka6 Nc7+ Ka5 Bc3 winner winner chicken dinner.


    So this mate in 9 can be taken over the board as three different 3 move combinations.  You don't have to see the whole thing up front to solve it.  Hope that helps.

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    A very clever puzzle, even though I need someone to fully analyze it to spot why cxb5 isnt good of an answer

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    long drawn out.

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    nice one especially the first move of knight

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    good one

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    long but nice puzzle

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    good one!

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    I became unstuck with this puzzle as there is no Queen to sacrifice.

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    Nice one.

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    I like when the king is under pressure.


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    AasTmO wrote:

    A very clever puzzle, even though I need someone to fully analyze it to spot why cxb5 isnt good of an answer

    hi  AasTmO,

    if cxb5 then Be5+ Kc6, Bd7+ Kc5, Bd6#

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    yup great puzzle... :)


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