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9/23/2011 - D. Gurgenidze, 1985 (White to Draw)

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    seji_khu1 wrote:
    Bryan681972 wrote:
    EricNewton wrote:

    What about Q a4 check, king moves down, rook comes down to block the bishop with check... isn't that playable somehow? haven't worked it all the way through ...

    On 1. Qa4+ Kf3+ (not an option on 1. Qe3+) 2. Rg3+ black can now play 2...Bxg3#  because, unlike the main puzzle line, the black king is not on e3, which would prohibit 2...Bxg3# due to a double check by the white rook on g3 and the white bishop on h6.

    1.bryan Qa4 is winning because it forces Ke3 only option for the king then 

    2.Rg3 is a double check therefore also forces Ke2 only option  for the king then

    3. Qc2 --> Ke1 --> Qd2 Mate

    so Newt has the right idea

    On 1. Qa4+ the black king can safely play 1...Kf3+!!, which will lead to checkmate for black.  Remember 2. Rg3+ is not a double check, so black can legally respond 2...Bxg3#.

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    A thing I want to share with everyone coming up with an idea different from the puzzle solution: there is only one line for White that doesn't lose. Seek for the refutation of your own ideas yourself. Why is it wrong?

    And for help on understanding the position, you can always go to comments page 2 and seek for post #27.

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    This is stalemate after the black King moves everywhere! Good game!!

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    ThaneKasporv wrote:
    macomao wrote:
    ok Qf8 is wrong.But Rg1?
    RXB+ wins!


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    weird and terrible

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    Jacob30 wrote:

    weird and terrible

     fat and homely

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    How is that stalemate,huh?

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    Scarlet_chessmaster wrote:

    How is that stalemate,huh?

    It is stalemate because the Black King is in 'double' check from both the White Bishop and the White Rook.  Since it is impossible for Black to block checks from two different sources, Black has no choice but move his King to safety.  As soon as Black moves his King, then White is stalemated, because all of his pieces are 'Pinned' and the King has no safe square to move to.

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      Brilliant - I'm in utter awe !  Completely above my pay grade. Usually I can understand both the question & the answer; at other times just the question. But in this case I couldn't understand the question or answer for a while - what's been gained I thought & why a draw ? Then the truth dawns on you that white has forced black to leave white without a single (legal) move.

      Just breathtaking. How does anyone conceive of that in there minds ?  I have nothing but admiration for them.

    Sorry, didn't mean to gush quite so much but .....  Surprised

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    This is simply beautiful :)

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    Composed very well!


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