9/3/2013 - h-file, The Road To Success

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    Instead of dragging upto 5 moves..... White can finish the game in three moves by putting check by horse.... however bishop cut that horse..... the White Queen can move one step front by cutting bishop.... then it becomes true that " The black king is in a heap of trouble!"..... bcos in the next move whatever black do white will WIN .......








    Solution: Here whatever black moves.... white WINS....

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    Alternative solution:

    N h6 ck, B x N

    Q x B, ?  This is too much for blk, leads to ckmt on the next move, or two.

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    Nice puzzle just following the forced moves to the mate.

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    What was that ! :-/

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    GPFacebook wrote:

    That was also really easy. The title gave it away. Come on chess.com!!! Give us something challenging that isn't given away by the title! Please?

    Try solving the puzzle on the home page before reading the title on the puzzle page.

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    bishop, rook, knight, checkmate.

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    Qxh6 Re5! may prevent the path of Bishop,  however it leads to the cut of Black Ruk & Queen by the white pawn's move in front by two steps...... White queen still has - " The black king is in a heap of trouble!" to some extent as the Ruk gives the support & even if black tried iT by supporting by pawn instead of Queen..... And it leads to the WIN by more points instead of loosing much powers on White Side if the points calculated-however by powers at the end...... COZ giving up Queen shows up no passion in the game......

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    What a bishop a play made...Surprised la-la-la, la, la, la-la :) Very pretty stuff

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