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9/6/2011 - Mate in 3

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    only 149th place not bad for me.

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    Not bad.

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    very-very easy,,,

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    Wow! This  one spooked me on the first move but I thought about the intended square to move to as a weak square and I didn't consider it viable however the second move proves that the first move is a gem!

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    Easy Puzzle

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    piece of cake

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    This puzzle solution, unlike some other recent ones, is one that I think I would have seen in a real game - and not because I had reason to particularly look for an easy mating sequence, and not because "it's a daily puzzle, so it probably involves a queen sacrifice."  Yes, it did lead off with a queen sacrifice, but in this case the reason was obvious - I wanted to take advantage of the back-row pressure while the black bishop and knight were blocking any useful movement of the black rooks.
    And it was easy to see that the second move not only cleared the d-file for the white rook, but protected the 3. Rd8# square.

    I didn't at the beginning see ahead to the checkmate, but I did see that the first 2 moves were solid checks, and, since the second move was a double check, they would prevent black from clearing either side of his back row (I was ready to accept black clearing one side, just so it was on the opposite side from my rook).  I saw this much on almost first sight, because when I first looked at the board I was immediately aware that it was only my bishop between my queen and rook that prevented Qd8 from being a mate in one. By the time I made that second move it was clear to me that my rook could then move to d8 for checkmate.

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    Love those Queen sacs! ;-)

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    good puzzle

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    in seconds :)

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    wazzochio wrote:

    Why doesn't the black queen just take the bishop?

    2. Ba5+ is a DOUBLE CHECK.  - If 2 ... Qxa5, then 3. RxK, so Qxa5 is illegal, as is 2.... Nd7 (interposing to block the Rook's check on the black King).

    2. ... Kc8 or 2. ... Ke8 are black's only legal responses., and after either one, 3.Rd8 is checkmate.

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    Why can't queen a2 take bishop a5

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    Easy but fun !

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    Good :D

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    good one


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