with bishops blocking movement,needed way to check,knight was covered by queen,SAC and whack,all you had to do was get black Q to not be able to take white knight,mate in one if Q could not take knight,but CHESS.COM has plenty of queens to sac.required some thinking,and i like that they did noy say how many moves to mate.i would like to see that more often,it does make it harder to solve.have a good day chess heads!!!!!!!


Il faut dévier la dame noire pour ensuite mater avec le cavalier. Bonne journée.

dufferps wrote:

It is rather sad that daily puzzle must simply rule out as "wrong" moves (such as 1.Ne7+) when they are really good alternatives.  I think that Ne7+ actually forces a mate in 3, where black could have delayed the game longer with 1.Qg4...Bg3+.

what are you talking about?  1.Qg4+ FORCES black to capture the queen or block the check with the queen leading to a mate on the next move.

The whole point of puzzles is to find the fastest mate.  many puzzles are given where there are several winning lines, but only one fastest and therefore correct line.


Happy Birthday to ME!


I understand why the queen was sacrificed but it still does not help me, I am warming to it as you guys do it so often Smile


when will you ever give us a more challenging puzzle?



it should be Nf7#, pretty straightforward puzzle, all moves were forced


A good puzzle





You have solved this problem!
2. Nxe7+

In fact black may take fxg4, but next is Bf7#


I like this puzzle


isn't it Ne7#?


I always sacrifice my Queen... Can't understand why I keep losing !


Nice 1


nice queen sacrifice..

@IncrediBill , nice solution too


Nice puzzle + variations.


IncrediBill wrote:

Its not a chess.com puzzle without a Queen sacrifice.  How about if we find a way to save our Queen and let Black sacrifice their Queen instead . . .

OK, so it took ten moves, but hey, the title wasn't "Mate in Two", so we are free to do as we please.



IncrediBill suggests, as a non-QueenSac solution:

1. Bf7+ Kxf7 2. Qxf5+ Ke8 3. Bg5 Qxg5 4. Qxg5 cxd5 5. Kxh2 a5 6. Re1+ Kf8 7. Qf5+ Nf6 8. Qxf6+ Kg8 9. Rf1 b5 10. Qg5#

My reaction was that black would interpose his Knight, 2. ... Nf6, So::
(since the black knight is now pinned)
3. Qd7+  Kg6  (3. ... Kg8, 4. Qg7#)
4. Qg7+  Kh5
5. Rf5+   Qe5
6. Qxe5#           (And we have won and made black sacrifice his queen)

2. ... Ke8 is really a blunder by black, because white would follow with
3. Qf7#

But IncrediBill is intent on taking the black queen, so he moves
3. Bg5, and it takes him another seven moves to win the game.


nice one


1 Qh3 also works. The point is to remove the black queen from the d8-h4 diagonal. But if 1 Qf4, Qxh5 and 2 Ne7+ no longer checkmates.