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An easy beauty

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    One of the easiest, but nevertheless most aesthetically pleasing studies of the greatest chess composer of all times, Leopold Adamovich Mitrofanov. This is actually one of the studies he has collaborated with another genius, Vladimir Korolkov. Despite the "easy" nature of the study, compared to, say, their famous "Phoenix" which holds the record of the most queen sacrifices (seven of them!), the final drawing mechanism is extremely elegant.

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    why doesn't black play Kd7 or Ke7 or Kf7 etc?

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    MarcazzarSmish wrote:

    why doesn't black play Kd7 or Ke7 or Kf7 etc?

    Because the ending with rook and bishop against rook is a book draw (although not easy to play properly over the board).

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    oh lol nice :)

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    sprtns wrote:


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    Quite amazing.

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    !!!! :D

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    Very creative.  Outmanned and outgunned White  found a way to create a cage with some of Black's own pieces, no less, so he could perpetual check him. Now that's what I call snatching White from the jaws of defeat.  And the bonus, the insult to the injury.  Just when Black thought, "...victory is within my grasp..." You nicked him for 1/2 pt. Nice! 

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    Nice puzzle. 


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