Another Fun Endgame


If you didn't get by now that I love endgames then now you know: I do.

Here is another very fun one where I entered an endgame with a pawn advantage, with both Rooks and Queen for both of us:



If you have the time, I'd like to hear your thoughts about the last position (the one he resigned in). I think he had a nice chance. If any of you have a chess program can you please insert the position and see who wins?


EDIT: I asked for an analysis, and this isn't one of my better games... About the end position, the analysis said "Play might have continued..."


seems like a pretty easy win for white from the end.  White threatens g7 (queening either the g or h pawns), and covers any queening attempt on b1 with his rook.  There are no perpetuals... no good moves for black.  


Going by the general rule "two connected passed pawns on sixth rank > one rook", White should win after this even if he has to exchange his rook for Black's b-pawn.


As I see it, Black doesn't have a good way to prevent Rxb2 followed by g7. White will inevitably promote a pawn and have Q+P vs. Rook. This should be much easier than QvR alone because if White just gets his King in front of the pawn he can usually sac his Queen for the Rook and promote the other pawn.