Can black win

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    Either winnersp is the best, most elaborate troll ever or he's genuinely mentally insane.

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    Well if he's trolling he's completely and utterly fooled me.

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    A1Rajjpuut wrote:

              Unbelievably, IronTiger above recommends f5 as an improvement in the play for Black -- the whole point of everything I said in this long forum was based on the fact that Black's three Kingside Pawns were absolutely worthless following best-play by White.  (...)

    Then prove it! What's your move?

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              The basic Black error is thinking 100% tactically instead of understanding the defensive resources at White's command due to the uniquelly crippled Black Kingside Pawn trio. In other words without appreciating Black's STRATEGIC dilemma Black has NO reason to think he can't win by just creating a pawn majority somehow (never thought through, alas) when he must either A.  keep his rook on the board and later attack the white Kingside with it or B.  trade rooks on squares that allow Black to repair his crippled Kingside.

              The whole point is NOT "What's your move?" here in this position, but what's your plan?  As stated, this is a STRATEGIC rather than tactical endgame position drawn as soon as Black was foolish enough to trade off rooks without bothering to repair his three crippled kingside pawns which cannot bust the fortress I created in the game-continuation with my worthy opponent.  

              Anyone doubting this needs to show me how Black can beat the fortress after f5, for example -- and remember it's a $100 challenge to my favorite charity (or yours).  Read and play through the entire endgame as played and note my comments on WHITE improvements which would have made it easier to draw than I actually did.  Black should never have traded rooks and allowed the Black King into the battle playing easy defense.  

              IF you've followed the controversy, you'd see that I put forth my thesis of strategy winning over tactics in this endgame on P.1 of this forum topic.  After about 10-11 pages the game-continuation testing out that thesis was finished and an obvious irrefutable draw arrived at.  I then said that the position after Black trades rook on e1 was drawn and mentioned two of the seven total improvements I saw for White over my play in the continuation. Also 1.  ... f5 mentioned now by two or three kibitzers would be a great error; the Bishop move in the continuation was also an error and RXR was the greatest error.   Black failing to appreciate the STRATEGIC EXIGENCIES of the position fell quickly into help-mode so that White's objective was never in doubt despite a few wasted White early moves as well.

              You'll also see that I put up a challenge for 48 hours and no one answered it . . . you're very, very late to the opera and the curtain has fallen. Unless you give me specifics including my PLAN exhibited in the game modified by the improvements I mentioned after the KXR position . . . anything less would be a huge waste of time.  Good luck.

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    i think anyone position is winning except when 2 kings are left on the board.

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