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Can you mate with Queen and Bishop versus King?

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    In playing around with a few scenarios, I can't seem to mate just using a Queen and Bishop against the opposing King.  I'm thinking it has to be King and Queen versus the opposing King. Am I right? Thanks.

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    I din't try it with the King on the edge. In my examples. I started with the King more centralized and could never corral it without help from the friendly King.. Thanks for the demo.

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    I just think of restricting the king's movements as much as possible. You should get Silman's Complete Endgame Course. Some of us get so into openings, we neglect endgames. What I like about his book is you increase your knowledge as you improve (it's broken down by rating). Start at the very beginnings (I did). Also, on this site, go to "Learn," "Lessons," then "Endgames." You'll learn a lot. If you don't get it, just click on the question mark. I like the lessons here because you can do them over and over until you get it down. I've lost games because I didn't understand proper endgame technique. I simplified to a king and pawn versus king, thinking I had it won, not realizing rook pawns make easy draws. It's nice to win a few with good endgame technique (I've got a lot of room to improve, but I'll keep working on it.)

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    In case you didn't know, you can always corral the opponent's lone king with your queen alone, not even using your king or another piece, as shown below. Once corraled, you can then move in another piece to complete the mate. Just be careful of stalemate when your queen gets very close.




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    Sometimes i just like to simplify things and give up the bishop.

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    Thanks a lot you guys!

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