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Carlsen R+B vs. Svidler R

  • #1

    A rare endgame.

  • #2

    I actually got that ending in my 13th USCF game!--against an expert (couldn't hold it though). Frown

  • #3

    Amazing defense. I would have crumbled under that time control. :(

  • #4

    Yeah it seemed to come out of nowhere.

  • #5

    If carlsen was playing black, maybe he can do the impossible and defend the position under that pressure?

  • #6

    Difficult to defend? I guess. But It's damn hard to get the mate too -- try it against an engine giving yourself all the time in the world! 

    Until this video if I'd gotten that ending with my R+B against R and my opponent extended his hand like, "everyone knows this is a draw" -- I'd have accepted the offer! 

  • #7

    Can anybody help me to get back to my online games via the app. I can now only access my account via google!

  • #8

    Uh...yeah sure (whatever you say).

  • #9

    I would be happy to see Capablanca play that position , I bet he's gonna win whatever color he is in like 8 movesLaughing(I'm obviously exaggerating but you get my point)

  • #10

    According to wikipedia:

    Computer endgame tablebases show that 40.1% of the legal positions with this material are wins, but that includes many unnatural positions that are unlikely to occur in games. Edmar Mednis estimated that less than 4% of starting positions that occur in games are theoretical wins.

  • #11

    I guess. With wrong defence and attack, everything should be drawn.

  • #12

    This shoudln't be difficult to draw (at least for professional players) once they reach that defensive setup.  I suspect the only reason he lost was time pressure.  In fact I think losses like this should be a bit embarrassing... akin to a top player failing to preform the bishop+knight mate.

    Yes the win can be difficult if you haven't ever practiced it, but the pattern contains very few sidelines, so again once a professional reaches the wining position I would expect it to be easy... I mean compared to other technical endgames these aren't on the difficult end of the spectrum.

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