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Drawn win?

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    I was playing against a friend of mine in my school's chess club today, and that friend happened to have a USCF rating almost 300 points higher than mine (neither of us have very high ratings, mine is 873) but rating was irrelevant since it was a casual game.

    I went into the endgame up a pawn and I think I should've had an easy win, but my opponent ended up with a (thankfully) wrong-colored bishop with an h-pawn after I blundered away all my pawns, so the game ended in a draw. I'd like to know if I could've won.

    I don't remember the exact position, but it was something like this:

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    Luke's right. This is a win for white.

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    Initially I thought Black has an easy win, but later I figured out that white can save his butt just in time.

    Black may wish to look at the 1...Ba8 variation, where both sides queen, but it doesn't look probable black having any realistic chances to win.

    The variation given by lukesnyder also looks OK for white (to draw, of course!) although 2...d4 is surely more testing.

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    I actually played Bxa6. Did that just lead to a quicker draw?

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    jhshi wrote:

    I actually played Bxa6. Did that just lead to a quicker draw?

    I could see it going to a draw if both sides play right. One bad move from black and white wins.

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    Well, I also blundered away all my pawns and it ended up like this:


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