Endgame Study - G. Kasparyan, 1946, 2nd/3rd honorable mention Sverdlovsk Ty Uralski Rabochi


Drag the pieces to solve!

White to Play and Win.

After solving this study (it's very possible) you will ask yourself: what the hell was the 1st prize? happy.pngHint: black always need to keep an answer to the fork Be3.


Something went wrong here. After 12. Rh8+ Kg7 13. Rhg8+ black will repeat with ...Kh8! The correct move is 13. Rbg8+! which leads to the same position after about 22 moves but a different rook doing his part of the relay race.

As you suggested earlier Kasparyan probably authored the 1st thru 4th prize as well wink.png

Still I suppose a lot of engine work has been done on this study. Potentially endgames with K+2B vs K+N are on the table or on the tablebase as we say in the 21st century. Could the verdict have been changed?


Correct I updated the solution, this may be a new version of a previous study of G. K. (?)


The solution is complete now.


Nice study