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King Bishop with Two Pawns Draw?

  • #1

    White to move

    Is it possible for white to mate black with his bishop or king? Or is it now a draw?

  • #2

    its a draw

  • #3

    black could even sacrifice his bishop against the pawn c6. Provided that his king will reach the corner h8 in time, this is still a draw (h8 is the wrong corner for the white bishop + pawn to coronate).

  • #4

    you have rook pawn and a wrong bishop, opponent is lucky

  • #5

    but black can easily hold the blockade of the pawn c6. he does not need to show such subtltees.

  • #6

    White has advantage of one pawn, and has his work for a win.

  • #7

    can white force black bishop to allow white pawn to advance ?

  • #8

    EVEN IF HE COULD (he can't), he would just sacrifice his bishop against Pawn c6. Then, I already pointed out that he still can't win because the square h8 is the wrong corner for the white bishop.

  • #9

    Dead drawn, unless Black plays anti-chess.

    For example, 60...Kc7 and then moving the bishop along the c1-h6 diagonal until the paint dries.


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