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loyds fantasy

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    d2-d4      d7d6

    Dd1-d2    e7-e5

    a2-a4       e5-e4

    Dd2-f4      f7-f5

    h2-h3         Lf8-e7

    Df4-h2        Lc8-e6

    Ta1-a3         c7-c5

    Ta3-g3         Dd8-a5

    Pb1-d2           Le7-h4

    f2-f3             Le6-b3

    d4-d5            e4-e3

    c2-c4              f5-f4

    P=B    T=R       L=K and ask a GM :)

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    this loyd was in my opinion someone fun

    Word is that he created the most crazy games

    According to my book This game is filled with rare variations et cetera

    so enjoy


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