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Marcel Duchamp's Problem

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    In 1943, M. Duchamp posed a "problem with no solution". From the initial position, the following moves are suggested by Larry Evans (on http://www.toutfait.com/articals.php?id=47066, the article is written by Francis Naumann).

    But there is one different proposal because of Black's sixth move.
    But there is another possibility for White to continue after Black's ...Rg8:

    By the end of the article, the author writes: "Duchamp has given us, in effect, a problem with no solution."

    Do you agree?

  • #2

    no, there is an answer for sure

  • #3

    In a short while the endgame tablebase for the endgames with these pieces will be done. So wait like 2 year to get a definate answer.

  • #4

    flip the board  - g5 


    nope still a draw   damn rook endings!

  • #5

    He had a very strange idea of what constituted a fountain.


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