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Mate in 2

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                                                           White to move and MATE in 2.

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    What had to be black's LAST MOVE in this position?

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    Black's only last move is g7-g5:

    • f6xg5, h6xg5, Kh7*h6, Kg5*h6, Kh5*h6 are clearly illegal; the starting square was occupied.
    • Kf5*h6 is also illegal because the kings were touching; it's impossible for the kings to touch in any chess game.
    • g6-g5 is illegal because the pawn was checking White's king; if one side is in check, it must always be that side's turn.
    • Kg7*h6 is the most promising wrong move. If the last move was Kg7*h6 (be that capturing or not, hence * as a combination of - and x), then White was checking Black with pawn on f6. So White must have delivered the check, and the only possibility is that the f6 pawn was moved there. But it's impossible, since e5, f5, and g5 are all occupied, and they are the only positions where White could have moved the pawn from.

    The only remaining move is g7-g5, which is possible (easy to construct a possible game leading to that position). Since Black's last move was g7-g5, this allows White to capture en passant: 1. hxg6 Kh5 (only legal move) 2. Rxh7#.

    Note that all units involved have purpose. Even e5 pawn that looks far from the action has purpose (to prevent White from backtracking e5xf6, which would mean Black's last move could probably be Kg7*h6 and thus White can't take en passant).

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    1. f7? g4! 2. f8=Q+ Kxh5 and there is no mate in two.


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