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Nasty position for White

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    White played Qe3 in this position (which resulted in mate in 2). Would Re4+ have been a better move? Or maybe something else? And which color would win this battle in the end? White has more value but lacks position. I'm interested in your opinions! 

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    I think Rxe4 is the only move which avoids checkmate or queen loss. However after Rxe4 Qxe4 black has a winning position as his rooks are very strong and white has no counterplay. Black pawns in the centre are also mighty and it is not that difficult to create a passer

    White pieces are too far away to defend king and passive knights are much weaker than a rook. So despite it might seem white is going to be only a pawn down (when simply counting material) black's positional advantage is really great

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    White resigns is the best move.

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    dzikus is right on the money. 24. Rxe4 Qxe4 25. Nf3 is the only hope. But it's still unpleasant to play for white. Also, I see this is from one of your games; a move earlier, running away by 23. Kd1 might have been a better choice. Nice sacrifice you tried there, though.

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    Thanks everyone for the insight and thanks Remelion for the compliment. I was quite happy with the sacrifice :)


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